Thursday, 24 November 2011

Mojo's: The place where X Factor and Football live happily together!

The X Factor (Australia)
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Whether you're eXcited about the popstar hopefuls on X Factor or desperate to catch the latest football game on the big screen, Mojo's has something for everyone.

X Factor
Those that want to catch the show on Saturday can watch it from the comfort of Mojo's, complete with a drink and snack. It kicks off at 8pm, and if you get there before 9pm, you don't have to pay to get into 3sixty!

P Football

We've got one big screen for this, and four smaller screens!
Games include
Friday 25 November - 19:45 Scotland v England - Sky Sports Victory Shield
Saturday 26 November - 17:00 Arsenal v Fulham Barclays Premier League

Which will you be watching?

Friday, 11 November 2011

Ben Haines: The AGM, NUS Referendum and behind the scenes at RUSU


Firstly, I realise that I’ve left it an extended period of time since I did my last little bit of writing. You might be thinking that I’ve done this to create the illusion of suspense and heightened excitement. That’s a bit true but also, us RUSU lot have just been really busy.  Lots of meetings and talking to students, campaigning and representing, combined with other more functional stuff like occasionally sleeping and having a square meal.

However, I’ve not started writing to you all to talk about the busy life of being a sabbatical officer (which is just swell by the way I would encourage you all to run to do it one day!). What I wanted to do is have a little bit of confabulation and a chit chat about some stuff that I reckon is pretty important, the NUS Referendum and the AGM.  I actually chuckled to myself when I wrote this. What must students think of this extra keen RUSU bloke banging on about referendums and AGMs and all other things that promise grandeur, but have a tendency to be in practice a little bit plain? This is the part where I should make it sound genuinely exciting, edge of your seat, anything could happen stuff. You’ll be pleased to know, that really is what I’m going to do on your computer screens.

Firstly, this NUS Referendum stuff…what’s that all about?  Well in short we as a Student Union are currently affiliated to the National Union of Students (NUS).  They’re a really pleasant bunch of ladies and gents who bring SU’s like ours around the country together.  They train people like me right up nice, so that we’re ready for sabbatical life. They issue the NUS Extra cards we use to get discounts in Topshop along with those rascal Mcflurrys you can get for free! They also provide us with an affiliation to their group of people who sell us cheap food and drink, which some of you take advantage of every Wednesday and Saturday night.  What we have to decide as a group of students is whether to remain affiliated with them or not. We pay £40,000 to be a part of the NUS and lots of people will tell you the financial incentives that a Students’ Union receives back, far outweigh the original fee we pay.  You can vote whether to remain affiliated to the NUS at  PLEASE PLEASE do log on and vote, it is ever so important.

Right, now onto the AGM.  This event provides a very unique opportunity to have your voice heard. It focuses on lots of things and we’ll be talking about all sorts, but I’d like to draw your attention to three things:

1. Scrutinising the accounts. You can genuinely find out where your Student Union’s money is going and kick us up the bum if we’re spending it in places we shouldn’t be.
2. Hold your trustees to account. Come and tell us what we’re doing well and what we’re doing badly.  We need to hear this stuff so we can get it right!!
3. Free lunchtime buffet. Who doesn’t like free food? There will be samosas and chicken satays, these things alone could drag me to the ends of the earth.

So do take thirty seconds out of your day to vote this week in the referendum and take an hour out of your schedule this coming Tuesday at 1 o’clock to come to 3sixty for the AGM for some fun, frolics and free lunch. Beautiful.

See you all soon.

*slightly tired and weathered yet smiley embrace with full eye contact for sincerety.*