Monday, 16 July 2012

Ready and Raring to Go!

Hello everyone!
I’m James Fletcher, your new RUSU President and together with Kara Swift (VP Academic Affairs), Nick Cook (VP Student Activities), Sophie Davies (VP Welfare and Representation) and Ceri Jones (VP Democracy and Campaigns) we make up your RUSU Student Officer team for 2012/13.

Student Officer team 2012/13  : (clockwise from top)
 James, Sophie, Kara, Nick and Ceri.

We are very excited about stepping into the big boots of the outgoing ‘sabb team’ and all the brilliant things that they have won for the students at Reading. The £600k library spend increase, changes to the way the Student Officers are scrutinised and the first ever elections for Part-Time Officers are just some of the amazing wins that they have achieved for us. I’m sure we would all like to thank them for being such great representatives and wish them every successes for the future.
On behalf of the new team I would like to thank all of you who elected us into office earlier this year in RUSU’s record-breaking elections. We are all committed to start implementing our election manifestos as soon as possible and we look forward to you keeping us on our toes at Student Officer Scrutiny. We will keep you updated on progress as it happens.
The new team will be working in and around our offices (located above The Hub) throughout the summer so if you are around, pop in and come and have a chat with us. We’re always happy to hear your thoughts, views and ideas. If you aren’t in Reading, just drop me an email or come along to one of our democracy meeting when term starts.  
Otherwise, we’ll see you in the Autumn Term for all the fun of Freshers’ Welcome Week!!
Have a great summer!
James Fletcher
RUSU President