Thursday, 13 June 2013

This week is all about YOUR VOICE – we need to hear it!

Students’ Unions are at their core, organisations of your voices, of you directing what you want worked on or achieved.

You tell us your opinions every day through your participation in sports and societies, being Course or Faculty Reps, on JCR committees, through volunteering, or via one of the other numerous ways in which you get involved with the Union on a daily basis.We also have official channels by which you can direct what your Union does and over the years, these channels have evolved and changed to make it easier for you to tell us what you want.

Students have been putting ideas forward since RUSU has been in existence and the Union has continuously fought to make important decisions and bring those ideas to life. Like deciding to fight and protest against the £9000 tuition fee rise in 2010 and making the decision not to march again in 2012.

We have helped and supported our sports teams more, in a ‘Year to Cheer’ campaign, have committed to fighting for gender equality and have boycotted Nestle for  a period of 5 years now, because that’s what you asked us to do!

These and many other decisions have been made by us on your behalf because this Union is YOUR UNION!

This week we’re asking you to tell us what you see as your priority going forward. We need you to tell us by voting, so we know what to focus on and how we can best represent you.

Our new ‘Change it’ forum and has been a real success, with students submitting some great ideas which now need to go to an ‘All Student Vote’.

Whether you agree, disagree or want to abstain, it’s so important that you take the time to vote.

If you represent students in any way, whether that’s on a sport or society committee, on a JCR, as a Course or Faculty Rep or in any other way, you have a responsibility to your membership and part of that responsibility is ensuring your Union is working for them, so vote.

Voting is open to all students, so go online, take 5 minutes and cast your vote (please log in to view and vote).

This week is all about YOUR VOICE – we need to hear it!

How do we know what to fight for if you don’t tell us - It only takes 5 minutes to direct your Union.

The decisions made here, will outline the course that RUSU will take for the next 2 years. So let’s make sure we get it right and get your voices heard!

Vote now!

Ceri Jones
VP Democracy and Campaigns