Monday, 6 February 2012

Nominate yourself: Get paid to be a student!

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Let's be serious for a second. We're all at university for one very simple reason... to better ourselves in order to gain that job we've always wanted. We do everything that we can to make sure we hand our essays in on time, (even if that involves an all-nighter the day before the deadline). We work ourselves to tears when approaching the exam period. Then that magical moment comes when you get your email through saying your grade (whether that be a 1st, 2:1 etc). We’re happy because we know that at the end of the day, we can put our hand on heart and say we did everything in our power to get us to that point. 

Then what? 

Round the country tens of THOUSANDS of students are all doing exactly the same thing. So why would you get that sick job you've always dreamed of over them? What evidence have you got of the skills they want? Why don’t you give yourself something amazing on your CV that will catch their eye, while also earning some dosh?

If you haven’t worked it out yet, I'm talking about taking a year out (whether that be before, or after your studies) to become a Student Officer. I can only really speak for myself on this one when I say ‘THIS IS THE BEST JOB I WILL EVER HAVE!’ There is no other organisation in the world that is going to give anywhere near this much responsibility at such a young and inexperienced age. To walk into your own office, chair a meeting, go to lunch with the Vice-Chancellor and really make a difference to student life - isn’t that something that all graduates want to say they've done?

So what will you get from this year that makes you so employable? For a start, it’s a year's work experience line-managing the Chief Executive of an organisation that turns over £4million a year. It’s a chance to get a taste of the real world while the current job market sorts itself out. With an annual salary of £17,000 a year, you are on one of the best graduate schemes you will ever achieve. Anyone can apply, anyone can win. You are in the position to change anything within the University that has bothered you, anything that you thought would make life easier for students.

Want to know more? 

OK! There are the five positions available.

· PRESIDENT – He is a point of contact for the university and external stakeholders. In this role you will have the ability to attend the highest decision making committees within the uni, chair the Trustee boards and liaise with the media (BBC Berkshire, The Times Higher, potentially anyone).

· VICE PRESIDENT OF ACADEMIC AFFAIRS – This is where you make sure that everyone is as happy as they can be, line-managing a team of 365 course reps via the 10 faculty reps. Problem solving, communicating, generally being amazing (Yeah, I'm biased!)

· VICE PRESIDENT OF STUDENT ACTIVITIES – Ever played a sport for your uni or took part in a society? Then this role might be of interest. Here you get to secure resources that benefit those who get involved. You organise the Fresher’s Fayre, converse with Sports Park, and be a point of contact.

· VICE PRESIDENT OF WELFARE AND REPRESENTATION – It's awful when you wake up with a hangover, feel unsafe on the walk home or feel under represented because you’re a minority group. These are just some of the things a Welfare and Representation officer will cover.

· VICE PRESIDENT OF DEMOCRACY AND CAMPAIGNS – we want to make sure that we are being fair to everyone, reaching the groups that are not being reached. The VPDC is here to target the students’ needs. They are here to keep us thinking about what you guys think. This is done by arranging Student Voice, Service and Ents and SOS.

Create Some Change

The job market can be a scary place, with an average of 83 people going for every one graduate job. Have your chance to make sure you are the one who gets the job. Be a Student Officer, create some change.

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