Monday, 1 October 2012


This is your chance to debate!
What is our education worth in 2012?

What should your Students’ Union, your University, the  National Union of Students (NUS) and the Government be doing to ensure that your education and future is the best it can be?
At the NUS’ Annual conference this year, they voted to hold another National demonstration in London on November 21st 2012. The NUS believes that you should march to highlight to the government the risk that they are putting your future in. With rising youth unemployment, increasing levels of student debt and the removal of grants,the NUS think that the government is letting a generation down.
At the last demonstration in 2010, RUSU took over 500 students spending £8,000 to fight against the cuts and rise in tuition fees. Reading students had a great impact on the march, but we didn’t achieve our aims.
So here are the questions you need to be considering:
  •  Is the Demo what we should be spending our money on?
  • Should we be supporting a march when there are no government plans that it can affect?
  • Should we support a march which last time damaged the reputation of students?
  • Should we be spending money and time when we may do betterand be more effective, lobbying the University to improve your education on your campus?
We think this decision is so important that it needs to be decided by YOU!
We will be holding a debate on October 16th at 6.00pm in Cafe Mondial followed by an online referendum.
If you want  to hear more or be on the debate panel? Email Ceri Jones, VP Democracy and Campaigns
So… the choice is yours!

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