Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Vice-Chancellor becomes a Postgraduate Champion!

Postgraduate fees are unregulated and are steadily rising. Students have to pay for these fees up front; but there is no government loan scheme like there is at undergraduate level and a considerable lack of other financial help. This means that access to postgraduate study is increasingly becoming based on the ability to pay and not the student’s ability to study. Not only is this considerably unfair, it is a driver for social inequality and has a damaging effect on economic growth and social cohesion.

The National Union of Students (NUS) has launched a campaign in an attempt to champion the needs of postgraduate taught students and spur the sector into action regarding the problematic funding situation.
Vice-Chancellor, Sir David Bell, Postgraduate Part-time
Officer, Sian Lane and VP Academic Affairs, Kara Swift
Reading University Students' Union (RUSU) has actively supported this campaign and approached both the Vice-Chancellor and three local MP’s to agree to become Postgraduate Champions by signing a checklist.

The Vice-Chancellor, Sir David Bell was immediately happy to support the campaign and said 'Despite the recent focus on changes to funding undergraduate education, it is essential that we do not lose sight of the status and significance of postgraduate education. Many postgraduate students represent the future of our research efforts in this country.  Others use postgraduate study to develop further knowledge and skills that will assist them in working life.

At the University of Reading, we are committed to strengthening the range of postgraduate opportunities available in the future, but without students having access to adequate funding, the UK is in danger of failing to realise the potential of the remarkable and highly-qualified talent that we have at our disposal.'

Following this success we are calling on any students who would like to join the campaign to write to their MP’s asking them to become Postgraduate Champions. I can provide template letters or addresses should anyone need them.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with myself or Sian Lane, Postgraduate Part-Time Officer, should you want to get involved.


Vice President Academic Affairs

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