Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Coming out as Disabled - Experience of a student after having had a migrainous stroke

Today is International Day of Disabled People and to mark this, NUS have launched “Coming Out as Disabled” a campaign in which they encourage people to write articles about their disabilities and experiences. RUSU has collected several blogs from Reading students who wanted to share their stories. We hope that starting these conversations on our campus will encourage all students to talk more openly about disability and most importantly remind disabled students that they are not alone.

Thank you so much to the students who wrote to us and supported this cause, we hope you found it to be a positive experience.

Sophie Davies, RUSU Welfare Officer and Ellie Brady, RUSU Disabled Students Part-time Officer.

Two weeks after my finals exams in 2012, I had a migrainous stroke (stroke caused by severe migraines) and as a result of the preventative medication I’m now on, I can’t drink alcohol. I was apprehensive about returning to halls at first because I knew that there would be times where I would be left out of events (because lets face it – going to clubs or house parties sober really sucks) and I tend to get tired more quickly.

I did find telling the people I live with a bit cringey – I was incredibly lucky in that the only permanent damage I sustained from my stroke was to my vision and some were a bit confused when I told them. Thankfully, there are a lot of lovely people in my hall who are understanding and who have invited me to things that aren't predominantly about getting drunk.  To be honest – everyone who I have told has been lovely about it and if there are any people that do judge me for my disability then they aren't worth worrying about.

There are various societies that aren't revolved around drinking and plenty of support on campus through the disability service.

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