Friday, 26 August 2011

Hello from our VP Democracy & Campaigns - Ben Haines

Alright pals,

Hope everyone is hunky dory and having all sorts of tomfoolery and fun on their summer break! This is my first attempt at a blog post and unfortunately for anyone reading it I have a habit of writing a lot like the way in which I talk - which most of the time involves a mixture of eloquent speech and fractured abuse of the English language.

Firstly all you lovely A'level lot who have got into UoR…

*just going to take a brief pause here to say usually I ain't got an awful lot of time for abbreviations and synonyms they make things ever so confusing but in this case I reckon it’ll save a bit of time (UoR meaning University of Reading)*

… like I was saying all you A'level bunch who got into UoR congratulations! This University is not only world-renowned, forward-thinking, home to some of the best academics in the world, easy on the eyes and steeped in history but also a really friendly and fun place to be. Apologies for the slightly cheesy digression but anyway I shall look forward to meeting lots of you soon!

The rest of you good looking Reading bunch who are coming back to Reading in a few weeks time after the summer break, get yourselves all rested up and that ready for Freshers' Fortnight followed by many late nights working hard perhaps indulging in an occasional trip down to the Students' Union on a Wednesday or Saturday evening!

What I've been up to so far

Just thought I’d get you up to speed on what I’ve been doing with my time since having been made Vice President of this swanky student union. After having been wooed like a wide eyed child with the idea of having my own office with a white board, I’ve managed to get settled down and have been spending a lot of time scratching my head and working out the best way for students to give their officer team (myself, Steph, Alex, Jack and Karl) feedback. We’ve come up with something called ‘Student Officer Scrutiny’ which we hope will be a little event for any student to come and find out what their team has been doing to represent and support them! Think of it as like a spiced up version of Mastermind, but with you lot asking the questions instead of a silver fox like John Humphreys.

Secondly, I’ve had myself a little look at my manifesto that I got elected on. The first thing I'll be tackling is a big old vote on whether Reading University Students' Union wants to remain affiliated with the National Union of Students. Right, I realise all these long words and the idea of voting looks all confusing and is enough to make you all awash and agog due to information overload…HOWEVER…in theory this is all very simple. You the students will have a straight forward yes or no choice. The National Union of Students brings a lot of Students' Unions around the country together, they provide training, resources and really good deals for us students…but…we do have to pay to be affiliated to them. What you lot have to decide is whether you believe the money which we pay is worth the benefits we get back. Don’t be fooled by my long winded explanation kids this is genuinely exciting stuff you’ll be hearing lots more about this soon.

Get in contact!

Very aware I’ve been yammering on for quite a concerted period of time now, and am probably at risk of boring people which would just be a bloomin' disaster so I shall leave you to carry on just living out your lives.

See you all soon! Oh yeah give me a little follow on Twitter @RUSU_VPDC or find me on Facebook or alternatively send me a little email or summat. Will be more than happy to answer any questions!

Much Love

*informal handshake combined with reassuring smile*


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