Friday, 2 September 2011

Top Ten Welfare Tips

Visa Credit CardImage by Images_of_Money via FlickrLeaving home for the first time? Are you ready for what will quite possibly be, the best fortnight of your life so far? Check out our tips on how to make the most of it safely…

1. Budget
Prioritise what is a 'need' and what really is only a 'want'. The last thing you want to do is miss out due to insufficient funds. Not cool. Have a look at our 'Managing your money' advice.

2. Be prepared
Buying all your essentials, books (Blackwell have a reserve online, collect in store facility) and of course fancy dress, before you get here means you have more time to spend meeting people, getting involved and settling in to your new surroundings.

A Master Lock brand padlock.Image via Wikipedia
3. Lock up your belongings
Doors, windows and bikes are the most obvious hazards. Halls are safe places but are very open, especially during Fresher’s Week. Only take out what is necessary and keep everything else out of sight. Don’t become a statistic!

4. Eating is not cheating
Alcohol can play an important part in which direction your night takes. If booze becomes the focal point, you could find your good time takes a turn for the worse. Make sure you eat before going out and drink plenty of water or you'll regret it in the morning.

5. Keep safe at night
Don't walk home alone, whether it’s from the library or 3sixty, stick with your friends. Use taxis, ideally with a group of friends to share the cost (see point 1 – Budget!). Whilst walking try not to use your headphones or mobile phone as these can decrease your awareness.

VegtablesImage by Arizona Parrot via Flickr6. Remember your 5 a day
You can’t live off takeaways forever! Why not pick up some fresh fruit and vegetables from our Fresh Produce Market on Mondays in 3sixty.

7. Look after you
Your JCR, the Students' Union Advice Team and your VP Welfare and Representation are all here to help. You only need to ask.

Cat Sleeping WellImage by -bartimaeus- via Flickr8. Get your beauty sleep
A well-rested mind and body means you won’t miss out on anything.

9. Have fun, play safe
Nobody has a body to die for! Safe sex is always better. Free condoms are available from the Students' Union Hub and through your JCR.

10. Challenge yourself and try something new
With over 130 sports clubs and societies, 3 student media groups, campaigns, events and a whole host of volunteering opportunities, you will never have a better chance to get involved! Have a look around our website to discover the many new adventures you can embark on.

What are your top welfare tips?

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