Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Hello from your VP Academic Affairs - Alex Slater

From everyone within RUSU I would like to give you a massive warm welcome. I'm your VP Academic Affairs, so responsible for making sure that all your concerns are heard within your courses and what-not.
Another concern of ours as a team is making sure that you have the best possible time during freshers week, involving everything with your new halls and the experiences you have during the day. Make sure you keep an eye out because I know that it has become our own personal missions to make sure that we talk to as many of you as physically possible, getting to know you, and more importantly, you getting to know what we have on offer for you.

So, now we have the introductions out the way, lets move onto business... 4 DAYS until all you lovely new students first make an appearance as part of the University of Reading, or if you are a returning student we are SOO excited about having you back (more than you can imagine...campus has been a ghost town). 

Here are some of the projects your sabbatical team have prepared for you:

COURSE REPS! We have made them nice and new with a couple of changes within the ways in which they are run. They are smoother, better looking, and most importantly...WILL HELP YOU GET A JOB WHEN YOU DO (eventually) LEAVE UNI!

RUSU Registration! Don't forget to register on our website so that you can buy your union tickets from the comfort of your rooms (this may not seem like much now with the sun shinning, however on those cold, winter days when it is pouring with rain you will be grateful). This also gives you the chance to get involved in everything that we do. Easy as pie to do, however, we left a card in your hall rooms/ your JCR gave you one just to make it that bit easier.

Well that's all I am going to tell you about for now, simply to make sure that you don't get bored. Keep an eye out for us night and day (as we will be somewhere) and we hope to talk to you all.

Lots of love

Alex Slater

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