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Ben's guide for students

Morning all,

Skipping all the pleasantries because I’m sure you are all beautifully bronzed after holidays in sunny places, relaxed after too many mornings spent lying in bed with an episode or two of Homes Under The Hammer and all excited to get back to being students.

"Image by meophammanilow via FlickrRound about this sort of times, things just keep appearing everywhere saying things like “Remember this” or “oh, fill in this form.” Lots of this stuff is directed at freshers’ in particular. The most common of this literature being a 'Things to bring' list that first years would receive stretching perhaps 3-4 A4 sides going from the most blissfully dull such as “Bring pens to write with” to the slightly more practical “Bring a TV aerial if you’re planning on catching up with Jeremy Kyle on the days where getting out of bed seems like an awful lot of effort.”

However hopefully I’m going to provide a slightly fresh bit of advice that is more relevant to you all. Firstly by offering a few hi-coos, what-nots and pointers for 2nd and 3rd years (as well as freshers), and secondly by suggesting things that others may overlook!

First Years
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If you are anything like I was, you’ll arrive with enough bags for a family of six, full of things you may never us. Quite why your mum thought you would need 200 dividers for your first term, or why she’s decided you will definitely need 30 pencils when you’re studying an English course or perhaps that its absolutely fundamental you take a few hundred spare staples just in case you need to staple A LOT, is beyond you!

Here are a few tips for getting by in your first year…
  • Technically, I can't tell you to keep your door open (fire hazards and that), but make the effort to get out there, meet people and interact! People won't make the effort if you sit behind a closed door.
  • Alcohol can lead to an array of amusing incidents however not only is it best to enjoy it responsibly, but also avoid drinking too much on your first night evenings. People just in general love to remind you of that time “You woz hammered.” Perhaps it’s a good idea to make sure it wasn’t on your first night that you woke up outside shirtless, with one shoe, covered in permanent marker…
  • If you have a place in halls have a wander around and introduce yourself to people - knock on doors and have a chat. Don’t be embarrassed, everyone is in the same boat as you.

Second Years
  • Make sure you enjoy yourself. Don’t take this to mean “yeah don’t do any studying or anything” Obviously make time for study and that, it’s important you get good grades, and aren’t completely lost in June when you’re sitting at a desk in sports park writing an exam answer you have completely made up.
  • Get involved with plenty of things that will be good for your CV! Employers take very little interest in that time you beat your housemate at Fifa, or the time you watched Gilmore girls for 5 hours straight. Sit on committees and join societies. Employers want sociable people who will represent a company well and be a good team member.
  • Finally on a very similar note, spread your wings a little bit, go out of your comfort zone and try things you haven’t yet tried. Once you move into a house with all your best pals from first year it can become increasingly easy to get isolated, go out and try new things like sports, societies or media!

Third Years
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  • Right you lot have got to take things more serious than you ‘ave done, you’re all getting on a bit and starting to settle down. If you need to let your hair down get it out of the way early. Have some fun at the beginning of the term then knuckle down, I bloomin’ love Christmas and would have been gutted to miss out on any clowning around that takes place in December because you haven’t been up to speed on your dissertation etc.
  • Surround yourself with people who are pro-active, fun but also hard-working. These sorta’ people are the key to being motivated.
  • Choose your nights that will be your chilled out/going out evenings. DON’T CHOOSE a night out where you’ve got a horribly early start to the next day where you’ll be getting up for a lecture in your finest baggy hoody, Ugg boots and those comfy old school Nike grey tracksuit bottoms that you’ve had since you were 15.
Your time at uni goes ever so quickly so make the most of it, a lot of this stuff seems basic but it can genuinely make a difference if you try it.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon, campus is all kinds of quiet at the mo.

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